Solar thermal energy

100% „Made in Germany“

All-year highly efficient high-vacuum tube collectors

Heating, Domestic hot water, Pool

Solar thermal energy for private households, trade & industry

Individually planned, tested and designed - all from one source

Process heat

Solar thermal energy for large plants

With our highly efficient vacuum tube collectors, we set new standards in solar thermal.

Regardless of rising energy prices

Whether to generate hot water for space heating, solar cooling, pool heating or process heat, many satisfied customers and institutions trust in us and our product.

Meanwhile, we receive international inquiries by private builders and industry for small and large plants. As a result, we operate in many countries: design, installation and support service for the solar thermal systems, specially tailored to your needs: builders of single and multi family houses, the German Telekom AG, Luxury Hotels in Mexico, retirement homes in Canada, research institutions, such as Fraunhofer-Institute do underline our competence.

With us you are exactly right, give us a try!

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